Main objective of our company is to provide quality, in-demand and affordable medicines, which can facilitate business growth on the basis of trust, quality and perfection and also to offer advance treatment regimen protocols for various directions in modern medicine.

Provide to the patients with vitally necessary and affordable medicines for diagnostics and treatment of serious and socially significant diseases and also improve the quality of life of the patients.

In our operations, we, first of all, adhere to the requirements of modern pharmaceutical market and also international medical recommendations with regard to advanced treatment and prevention of various diseases.


VEGAPHARM is consistently growing company. Our employees are young, highly qualified managers, having experience in the field of development and registration as well as in the field of promotion and distribution of medicines.

For further growth, we use advanced technologies and innovations in R&D of drugs and also in their active penetration by highly qualified managers. In-time penetration of medicines shall ensure that vitally important medicines reach the patients in shortest periods. Speed and simplicity form the platform of our functioning environment and have defining value for our team. Provision of original treatment for various diseases is the result of strategic direction of our company.